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    • Curried Goat (served with Rice & Peas and Coleslaw)
    • Jerk Chicken (served with Rice & Peas and Coleslaw)

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    • Jamaican Vegetable
    • Chicken and Dumpling

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    • Soursop
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    • Tortuga Rum Cake (Golden Original,Blue Mountain Coffee,Chocolate and Coconut)
    • Banana Bread

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    • Plantain Chips
    • Black River Chocolate
    • Ting
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    Meat and Poultry

    JPC’s patties are a premium product which we have worked very hard to perfect. We use only the best meat and poultry sourced by M.Newitt & Sons of Thame High Street.Newitts are a long established family butcher who supply meat and poultry to some of the country’s top restaurants.
    All the chicken in our patties and meals is halal. The goat in our meals (not in patties) is halal.

    Fresh Juices

    Our juices are made daily in the store from fresh fruit and coconuts. Nothing is added apart from a little water to the soursop and mango if needed to create a drinkable consistency.


    Our Vegetable and Vegan patties are made with seasonally available vegetables and Jamaican spices.As a result contents will vary depending on the time of year.
    The Vegetable patty is suitable for Vegetarians but not Vegans.
    The Vegan patty and Vegetable Soup is suitable for both Vegetarians and Vegans


    JPC is one of the few,if not the only, place in the UK which sells fresh soursop juice with nothing added. Soursop juice is widely drunk in Jamaica and South America where is believed to have significant health benefits.

    The main reason we serve it, however, is because it is delicious and unlike anything else you will have tasted before!

    So try it and enjoy it.

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