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  • Introducing JPC

    Jamaica Patty Co. was founded in 2013 with the aim of bringing high-quality Jamaican food to the UK. Frustrated by her inability to find the flavours and aromas of straight from the oven patties in London, Jamaican-born entrepreneur Theresa Roberts decided to launch Jamaica Patty Co. in order to give UK consumers the opportunity to enjoy the fresh flavour of Jamaica.

    All our recipes are based on those that Theresa’s father used to make patties at their home in Battersea after he arrived in England in the late 1950’s as part of the Windrush generation.Theresa insists that every single patty is freshly baked in store just like they are in Jamaica.

  • Theresa Roberts

    Founder and life president

    Theresa is an entrepreneur born in Black River, St.Elizabeth who attributes her vision for JPC to her typically Jamaican childhood where home-cooked meals were ever present.

    Like most Jamaicans Theresa is fiercely patriotic.She has a home in Jamaica but is based in London from where she tirelessly promotes her country internationally.

    Theresa is one of the foremost collectors of Jamaican Art and has mounted several major exhibitions in the UK.

    Both Theresa and JPC support various Jamaican charities.JPC was also the anchor sponsor of the Jamaican Rugby Union team which has qualified for and competed in the Sevens World Cup, Olympic Games and Commonwealth Games.

  • Blue Mountain Coffee

    One of the finest in the world

    Blue Mountain Coffee is grown in a defined region of the Blue Mountains north of Kingston and has long been recognised by coffee lovers the world over as one of the finest coffees available.

    JPC’s own brand Blue Mountain coffee is imported to the UK in green bean form and roasted here to ensure freshness.We Espresso roast 100% Blue Mountain beans as well as more traditionally Medium roasting them.

    In order to allow coffee drinkers the option of a Blue Mountain Latte or Cappuccino JPC has developed a Blue Mountain Blend which retains the unique flavour whilst being robust enough to handle hot milk.


    All the way from Kingston

    Anybody who has travelled to Jamaica will be familiar with this brand and may well have purchased it at the airport on the way home. For those who have not experienced it, a real traditional Jamaican treat awaits you.

    JPC imports Tortuga Rum Cake in 4 flavours (Golden Original,Blue Mountain Coffee,Chocolate and Coconut) direct from the Tortuga bakery in Kingston.

    Cake is available by the slice or in 16oz and 33oz boxes.

  • Jamaican Patties

    Jamaican Patties are an incredibly popular savoury treat eaten across the whole of Jamaica and now widely available in other Caribbean islands,Canada and the USA.
    The product and name are almost certainly derived from Cornish Pasties introduced to the island by Cornish sailors and settlers. Cornwall is one of the 3 counties that make up Jamaica to this day and contains many familiar place names such as Falmouth and Trelawny.
    Traditional Jamaican Patties have a crispy pastry and crust usually made with Tumeric which gives the pastry it’s distinctive colour.
    Beef,Chicken and Vegetables are probably the original fillings but over time patties in Jamaica have incorporated many other flavours including seafood and cheese. The filling is seasoned with, amongst other ingredients, mixed spices, Scallions, Thyme and Scotch Bonnet Peppers to give a unique flavour.
    Patties are eaten in Jamaica at any time of day or night and can be a main meal or just a snack.
    JPC’s patties are made to a traditional recipe and baked in store to ensure an authentic experience.
    As well as traditional flavours JPC has created Curried Goat,Jerk Chicken and Ackee & Saltfish patties so that UK consumers can experience the flavours of other Jamaican foods in patty form.

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